A Humanistic Buddhist educational institution that fosters the nurturing of talents and excellence in scholarship through a holistic cultivation of the human person for the attainment of the boundless human potential.


Life Education & Character Formation


Holistic personhood development, character formation, and an inclusive view of all aspects of life shall be nurtured through Life Education, the College’s education philosophy and pedagogy.

Excellence in Talents & Scholarship


Informed by Buddhist wisdom and virtues, the College shall cultivate excellence in talents and scholarship that are manifested in the curricular and co-curricular works of the students and faculty.

Plurality & Co-existence


Through the Buddhist teachings as a social framework, the College shall foster compassion, loving-kindness, joy, equanimity, and pluralism for the acceptance of multiple faiths and cultures.

Care for the Environment and Sustainability


The College shall promote care for all beings through a “green” lifestyle such as vegetarianism and resource-saving practices and develop a sustainability plan to institutionalize income-generating programs.


Access to Education and Socio-civic Transformation


The College shall provide opportunities to the underprivileged and qualified Filipino youth and contribute to the socio-civic transformation of the Philippine society.

Core Values









The College Logo

The College logo uses the Fo Guang Shan Education System Emblem.

The emblem is a variant of the Chinese word “guang” (meaning:  light), stylized in the shape of a lotus.

The Metaphor of Lotus

The lotus is a symbol of the abundance of light, wisdom, and purity taking root in a world of joy and freedom.
The intrinsic nature of a lotus is wondrous, subtle, pure, and untainted by the impurities of the world. Its permeating fragrance signifies the noble character and integrity of an intellectual. It also symbolizes diligence in bringing forth compassion and wisdom, holding true to the Middle Path and illuminating the universe with brilliance.
Like the reflection of the moon in the river, the student’s bright intrinsic nature shall shine like the pure lotus. Bathing in the Buddha’s light, the student shall thereby attain complete awakening and great wisdom.

The Metaphor of Light

This symbol represents light and wisdom in Buddhism, and harmonizes the fluidity and style of traditional Chinese calligraphy. Thus it exhibits the University’s delicate essence of humanities.


Fo Guang Shan Five-in-One University Consortium

Publisher: Fo Guang Shan Board of Directors

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