Guang Ming College est. 2014


The graduates of Guang Ming College are expected to be ethical, compassionate, globally competitive, life-long learners and agents of societal transformation


Guang Ming College commits to a Holistic and Humanistic education towards the betterment of self, others, and the world


Set new standards and paradigms in global Humanist Education
Empower the faculty and staff to provide a learning environment that cultivates and nurtures human goodness and excellence in thoughts, words, and deeds
Establish a viable and sustainable learning organization

Academic Programs


Bachelor of Arts

Major in Buddhist Studies

Study the contemporary development and trends in Buddhism through a philosophical and sociological lens. Grounded on the tenets of Humanistic Buddhism, be immersed in an environment of academic and personal training, putting emphasis on theory and practice leading to self-cultivation, exploration, and empowerment.


Bachelor of Performing Arts

Major in Dance

Be trained in Asian, ballet, and contemporary dance by leading Filipino artists and study the theory and practice of dance technique, choreography, performance, and pedagogy. Balance in academic and personal development is achieved with the guidance of Humanistic Buddhism and Life Education, in movements ready for the world.


Bachelor of Arts

Major in Theatre

Learn acting technique, Asian theatre, directing, playwriting, dramaturgy, stage craft, and more, as practiced by industry veterans and up and coming artists in theatre, film, and television. Guided with the practices and principles of Humanistic Buddhism and Life Education, train with a collaborative spirit in praxis and scholarship and navigate the multidisciplinary nature of theatre arts while taking into account its historical legacies and contemporary challenges. Be the culture bearers of the 21st century.

Campus Life 656 P. Ocampo St., Malate, Manila

The GMC campus is an ideal place for education because of its well-appointed facilities like classrooms, library, computer laboratory, dance and theatre studios and halls for meditation. Every student will stay in the provided dormitories just near the campus making it an ideal haven for them to maximize their time, learning and growth. Aside from their academic subjects, activities such as cooking, arts & crafts and extra-curricular organizations are offered to give them opportunities to further educate themselves. Strict yet compassionate rules and regulations, exemplified by the examples of the Venerable Buddhist Monks, are set to discipline the students which make their campus life full of growth and learning while also enhancing their spirituality and well-being.

Character formation

Self-discipline in use of media technology

Scholarship grants

Fully covers tuition fee, board and lodging, books, uniforms, and school supplies

Personal development

Daily meditation with vegetarianism


Learn Mandarin Chinese

Unique curriculum

Focused on Holistic and Humanistic Education

Highly qualified faculty

Be taught by established names in the industry

Globally competitive

Opportunities in and outside the country

Values and Life Education


Experience international and local learning and training environments


Be a Scholar

We welcome anyone and everyone from all walks of life. Study with us and see how we can help transform yours.

The College

Guang Ming College (GMC) is the fifth member of Fo Guang Shan International University Consortium. Being the pioneer Humanistic Buddhist College in the Philippines, it is open to students of all faiths willing to learn in an environment of mutual respect of one another’s customs, cultures, and religions. It is dedicated to provide the highest quality of humanistic education and experience towards the well-rounded development of socially responsible and Inspired professionals for societal transformation. GMC’s dance and theatre programs aim to cultivate the innate talents of artistically inclined students through a fully competitive baccalaureate program. The school also offers a bachelor’s degree program in Buddhist studies for students who are more philosophical or spiritually inclined. GMC provides full scholarships for all the deserving students who are chosen to study in any of the programs offered.

Contact Us

☸ Fo Guang Shan Mabuhay Temple
656 P. Ocampo St., Malate, Manila, Philippines
in front of Century Park Hotel and beside the Vietnam Embassy
+63 2 523 4909 loc. 1604 and 1605
[email protected]