May 22, 2019

PAGSASABUHAY: Performance and Life Education in the 21st Century (Performances)



As a child of Tacloban City, the Grade 12 researcher James Lanante felt that he has not been fully educated with the culture of Region 8. He had difficulty accessing Lineyte-Samarnon literary works in libraries and bookstores. Most of their traditional songs and dances are showcased only in commercially- sponsored events in the most inappropriate venues. When he started searching deeper, he found and appreciated the richness of their culture.

By creating a prototype performance that includes a creation myth, two folktales, traditional songs and folk dances from Eastern Visayas, this research project aims to help reintroduce Lineyte-Samarnon culture to others, most especially the youth of Tacloban City.

Production Details
Duration: 65 minutes
Synopsis: A young man re-searches the culture of his hometown Tacloban City through games, songs, dances, stories of creation, justice and a hero’s journey that mirrors his own voyage of self- discovery and defining home.
Suitable Age Group: General Patronage
Students – James Lanante, Kyrie Samodio, Ainah Remonte, Tomas Santos, Mary Anne Caharop, Gabe Samaniego
Faculty – Christopher Aronson (Director), Teena Joy Cardenas & Tess Jamias (Research Thesis Adviser)
Language: Tagalog, Binisaya & EnglishMULAT: RAVES, RANTS AND PRAYERS

Mulat: Raves, Rants and Prayers is inspired from Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s prayer for oppressed women. A devised performance of vignettes that tackle violence against women guided by Buddhist perspectives on arts. Mulat as a devised performance employed accounts of VAW, creatively lead by prayers, images, poetry and songs. It depicts women’s aspiration to be free from nights of tears in their journey of sorrows, praying for everyone, men or women to cultivate the manner of virtuous, compassion and kindness.

There will no longer be nights of horror;
There will no longer be the chasing of nightmares;
There will no longer be pains of hell;
There will no longer be entanglement of tears.

Production Staff

Writer and Director: Wincy Ramilo
Dramaturg: Julian Tuyo
Stage Manager and Choreographer: Ghealyn Rose Undang
Assistant Stage Manager: Ivy Marie Mahinay
Technical Director: Charles Solano
Mary Evangeline Recto
Qamille Jacinto
Jehan Andres
Mary Owen Flores
Cychaina Jontilano
Ladylyn Solano
Gladith Kate Navarro
Jay Ann Tondo
Cris Ann Yakit
Tesyl Kriz Claud

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