May 24, 2019

PAGSASABUHAY: Performance and Life Education in the 21st Century (Run-through)

Guang Ming College Organizer and Staff do the final run-through for the upcoming Pagsasabuhay Conference 2019

May 24, 2019- Guang Ming College organizers and staff of the Pagsasabuhay Conference had a final run-through at 5th Floor Prajna Hall which was led by Venerable Miao Xin, Conference Director and Ms. Terrie Martinez, Planning and Organizing Adviser.

After the run-through, a quick meeting was conducted and all committee heads had shared their thoughts and feelings about their preparation for the upcoming conference. During the meeting, Ms. Terrie Martinez and Venerable Miao Xin gave important messages to the organizers and staff about the conference.

“Put your 200 percent effort for this conference and have a quick resolution to the problem” said Venerable Miao Xin. “Be happy of what you’re doing and put your trust to each other especially in decision- making ” Ms. Terrie Martinez added.

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