Guang Ming Dance Project – Archive of Works


2016 & 2017Cultural Center of the Philippines GMDP participated in the 2016 and 2017 workshops and performance of dance.MNL at CCP. “dance.MNL is a new bi-annual festival at the Cultural Center of the Philippines that celebrates this Filipino dance story of achievement and resilience.” (from dance.MNL’s Facebook page)

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Illuminate: 1st Guang Ming College Performing Arts Season 2017-2018

“Illuminate” was GMC’s first season of performances which included the launching of Guang Ming Dance Project and Dharma Theatre Ensemble. Prince Siddhartha The Musical: A Journey to Enlightenment June 15, 2018Star & Cloud Theater, Guang Ming College “Prince Siddhartha The Musical: A Journey to Enlightenment” is a musical theatre production […]

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Dance Sutra

May 31, 2018Star & Cloud Theater, Guang Ming College Guang Ming Dance Project held its first choreography competition initiated by Artistic Director Paul Alexander Morales entitled “Dance Sutra,” comprising new works choreographed by the senior dance major students and performed with GMDP members. Winners: 1st place: Wynvel Anguren, 2nd place: […]

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2016 Choreographer: Al Bernard Garcia Premiered at CCP’s Bulwagang Francisca Reyes Aquino on February 7, 2016 during the Pasinaya Festival, “Emptiness” is a performance prayer – a form of spiritual communication embodying the plurality of emptiness.

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2017 Choreographer: Kun-Yang Lin Kun-Yang Lin, founding Artistic Director of Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers (“KYLD”) and Co-Founder of KYL/D’s CHI Movement Arts Center in Philadelphia, USA, choreographed “Mandala” for GMDP. “Mandala” was performed at GMDP’s “Illuminate Dance Concert.”

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