Center for Life Education

The Center for Life Education serves as the foundation of the College. Its raison d’etre is to keep and steer the College to be aligned with the founding principles of Venerable Master Hsing Yun. It also spearheads the College in the implementation of Life Education, the pedagogy of the founder. Lastly, it ensures the application of the core values of Humanistic Buddhism in both curricular and co-curricular programs, student, faculty and staff development, institutional growth and development, and in the administration and management of the College.

Vision - Mission Statement

The Center for Life Education shall keep the path to self-awareness illuminated in order to uphold the dignity & essence of life, strengthen the cultivation of humanistic thinking, and establish a harmonious educational environment for the creation of a meaningful life.



Objectives of the Center


Ensure all systems, procedures, protocols, as well as academic and non-academic programs of the College are aligned and abide with the wisdom and virtues of Humanistic Buddhism and Life Education.

Provide and equip all educators with sufficient Life Education information, methodologies and framework, and inspire them to deepen their pedagogy and approaches in dealing with students and co-educators.


Design and develop programs and activities centered on daily cultivation of the mind, application of Humanistic Buddhism in daily life, personhood and environmental wellness, and creation of a meaningful life, as well as provide assistance to the Offices and Departments handling such programs and activities.



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