Bachelor of Arts in Buddhist Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Buddhist Studies forms learners into young Filipino professionals with deep compassion and cultivated self – awareness. The programs ensures a graduate that is imbued with Life Education virtues, skills and humanistic thinking. The courses gravitate around the core teachings of Venerable Master Hsing Yun, applied in the diverse aspects of life. The program is the college degree embodiment of Life Education.


The Program Outcomes

Construct comprehensive expositions, comparative evaluations, and critical applications of Buddhist concepts through multiple inter-disciplinary platforms and languages

Engage in academic research, presentations, and activities integrated with Buddhist concepts that contribute to the progress of multiculturalism and nation-building

 Manifest compassion in daily life through self-awareness

Students' Practices & Works

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Career Paths

With at least 400 hours of Mandarin language training, graduates are fluent in English and Chinese, opening scholastic opportunities for both the West and the East. Upon graduation, graduates are already qualified to take the licensure exam for teachers, allowing them to be immediately employed as a teacher and begin their career as an academician. With a solid training in Life Education, graduates may also become social welfare officers and consultants for Buddhist – based businesses and programs. Graduates are also promising young cultural and religious ambassadors and can competently perform in international peace organizations and networks.

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