Dharma Theatre Ensemble

Company Profile

Guang Ming College Theatre Arts majors, faculty, alumni and guest artists collaborate in productions that highlight aspects of Dharma- a theatre inspired by truth. The company will develop performances that espouse the advocacy of the Three Acts of Goodness (Do Good Deeds, Speak Good Words and Think Good Thoughts) as well as juxtaposing classics of Filipino and world theatre with newly developed works on themes of transcendence, impermanence, mindfulness and compassion.


Dharma Theatre Ensemble is the official Theatre company of Guang Ming College. DTE is committed to provide training grounds for GMC students, alumni, and faculty  to become artists and culture-bearers who grasp the multidisciplinary nature of theatre in practice, grounded in the principles, discipline and aesthetics of Humanistic Buddhism. DTE provides a venue that promotes a collaborative spirit that cultivates its members to become innovative and transformational artists. 



We commit ourselves to providing an organization that develops and nurtures potentials of young artists towards an engaged transformational theatre.


 We commit ourselves to encouraging artists in creating and producing original works that open avenue for discourse and publications through theory and praxis 


We commit ourselves to maximize theatre’s potential to be a platform wherein we may see slices of life, in which we can reflect from; wherein we can feel and understand to push us to do something about the existing realities known and unknown to us; so that we may always remember to be aware of the present and be inspired to continually grow and transform as individuals and as a society. 


Archive of Works

Simula | Flip 2018

Director: Katte SabateDramaturgs: Inaugural BA Theatre Graduates Simula is a devised theater performance in the Main Stage of Cultural Center...

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