Guang Ming Bodhisattvas

The Guang Ming Bodhisattva is an organization under the Center for Life Education. It is founded, organized, and operated by students under the Buddhist Studies Program. It is a channel for the implementation of the co-curricular aspects of Life Education that enhances the campus life of the students.


The Guang Ming Bodhisattva members are exemplars and bearers of the ideals of Humanistic Buddhism. Through their actions, programs, and projects, the College community experiences the service of a carefree bodhisattva.



We envision a harmonious and wholesome school environment where individuals emulate the spirit of the bodhisattvas and are guided by the principles of the Six Paramitas.


We commit ourselves in building and developing individual’s potential and character through leadership, character building activities, volunteerism, service, and training programs.

Core Values


Observed through the practice of the Three Acts of Goodness and Four Givings, members are guided by their firm resolve in the study of Humanistic Buddhism.


Observed through the skillful guidance and service offered to the College community, members deepen their understanding and practice of Humanistic Buddhism.


Observed through the strategies and flexibility in handling daily affairs and programs, members exhibit a practice rooted on the understanding of impermanence.


Observed through new methods of imparting the Dharma and practicing mindfulness, members widen their vision and adopt a global and growth-oriented mindset.

Schedule of Activities

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