March 5, 2019

AMBONG-ABO written by Em Mendez

Under Paul Alexander Morales
May 22-23, 2018

Director: Rizalve Ancajas

This play is set in New York that revolves around the story of a father, Ambo who suffers Alzheimer’s disease but never forgets his homeland. He lives in New York with his youngest child and misses the eldest in Albay. This play tells about the importance of filial piety and forgiveness as his two daughters are challenged by misunderstanding which in the end, reconciled after their father’s death. This staged play will be exploring gender of character as the father will be portrayed by a female as part of the new revised version. This will stage a two world, Philippines and New York, that will meet through their father’s memories. The staged play will also use live musical instrument, guitar, to show how their father loves music and song, Sarumbanggi.

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